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The Free Trial is an important part of our business as individual variances can mean that each of us could respond quite differently to the same hearing aid. This unpredictability in outcome is why you need our FREE TRIAL first.

You will be able to test our recommendation - without paying anything. If it doesn't work out for you, we will just try another - better than worrying about asking for a refund, or feeling obligated." 
Independent providers are recommended by WHICH as being the most likely to provide the best products, pricing, staff, service and facilities. We are a flourishing group of day centres and practices across the Northeast, Yorkshire and Lancashire, and come highly recommended.
We have access to all 'big 6' brands and give advice on the 'whole of the market'. In addition, we have the most popular models in stock, such as the connected OPN & the rechargeable PHONAK B90."
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